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Without ammonia, p-phenelendiamines, nickel.

Raywell NATURAL AVANT.X is an innovative line of cream-free, non-ammoniacal, p-phenelendiamine and nickel-free hair lines, which, in a non-aggressive way, colors your hair, leaving them glossy and soft. The content of beeswax and zanthalene extract protects the skin and hair, while the fruity fragrances leave a good scent on the hair and in the working environment.

Nuances: Available in 43 fashion variants in the series: NATURAL, DORATO, RABBIT, BEIGE, BROWN, RED, VIOLETTI, MOGANO, TABACCO, HER, SUPERSCHIARENTI.

way of use: easy to mix: ratio 1:1.

pack: 100 ml tube suitable for 2 applications.



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